Bacon, Double cheese, burger wontons

No, I said wontons.

My third entry into the fair food will be wontons. Bacon double cheese, burger.

The wonton wrapper adds a crisp crunch to this. I made them three ways. Pillows, rolls, & ravioli style. For speed, ravioli wins out. For popper ability, pillows are great. Rolls are a bit harder to make, but dip very, very well.

Anyhow this will use up a pack of 40 wontons. You may have some left over, it always depends on how you fill things. With out leftovers, portion the ingredients 40 times before preparing.


5 strips bacon
1 lb burger
1 Tbsp onion powder
2 Tbsp home made onion-garlic salt
1-2 oz shredded cheddar cheese
1-2 oz more for double cheese
1 Tbsp dill
1 pkg (40) Wanton wraps

Cook your bacon first. Remove & drain. Add burger right from package, into that grease. Just remove it & put it in, crumbles better. Room temp is best, but from fridge is fine.

Drain & cool. Cold is better. Put in mixing bowl.

Crumble or cut bacon into minced size pieces. Add to burger.

Add 2 oz cheese & dill. Mix.

Take one wonton wrapper each time. Wet three ends for roll. Wet all four for pillow & ravioli style.

Add filling. Add extra cheese for double cheese.

Bring up cross ends of pillow, pinch, bring up other side, pinch & hold. Set aside. Make 15 before starting to fry, this will give them time to dry.

Fry about 5 at a time in 350°F oil. If you need to use a specific oil, do so. I used veg oil.

It only takes a brief moment to fry, turn & do otehr side. Remove & drain.

If the meats are warm, the cheese will soften. The double cheese part of this is with the extra cheese being placed on the filling, on the wonton. This way you can have a Bacon cheeseburger (single cheese) wonton if you want that.

I’m not a pickle fan, but I do love dill. Adding dill it what gives it the taste you’re after. Or rather the taste Americans are after, that & of course salt. I single out Americans, because I have some fans from other countries of course. Their taste buds are going to (may) be a little different.

Usually a thick pinch will fill a wonton wrapper enough so you can wrap it. Wet the sides first, & pinch with your fingers. I personally like the little pillows myself.

You can have a dip cup of condiments or each them as is. No one added ketchup, mustard not mayo to these, they just ate them as is. They are very tasty this way, that’s for sure.

Just an FYI. I have one or two friends make many of these recipes after I do, so they can let me know how easy or hard it is. Super easy means the no cooking skilled dude gave it a try.

Wonton Package


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