Bacon Weave for your sandwich

Bacon Weave

Or Bacon folding for your sandwich. It can be for your burger, or for a bacon sandwich too. Anything that you want to add some bacon to, & get full coverage.
Let’s be clear on this, it takes an extra moment, but the results are good.

4 strips of bacon halved, minus one half

You can cook the pieces before weaving, or, like everyone else, you can cook them after weaving. The center piece of each over/under wrap will cook, albeit slowly. Always temp to be sure. For curling or not having it curl, this will be the only time I suggest having a warm grown meat, cold. See my tip on not curling your bacon for more.

Cut the standard length bacon in half. It can be regular, thick cut or whatever. It doesn’t matter.
You only need seven of the eight pieces to weave a standard Pullman or sandwich loaf slice. Save the other one for the next batch, or eat it. It just doesn’t go in this weave.

Starting at the left side, place three half strips down on a clean frying pan off the heat. Now, one half strip at a time, weave over & under each of the three strips that you just put down. It’s a basket weave that we’re working on.

What I like to do is work from the middle, & leave the ends last. I used some thick cut, wide bacon, to show the challenge of uneven strips. You can use a tooth pick to hold the first end layer down & weave up from the bottom if you’d like. Do save doing this over a hot grill or frying pan for when you have a little more experience, if you can.

Put the frying pan on the heat source (burner), & cook normally. I like to give the first side a little extra time, before turning it over. Professionally, I flip it to the cold side till I need it. If you don’t know what the cold side of your grill is, you aren’t cooking professionally, so don’t worry about it.

If you need this right away, put it under a top hat AFTER you flip it. For those of you following along at home. Add a some water to your frying pan, or squirt a little on the bacon weave if you’re using a griddle. This will slow the direct surface cooking, but will give your centers a better chance to evenly cook.

When the second side is done, put this on your sandwich. These can be stacked quite easily, which makes you wonder why more places don’t prep these more often, aside from unknowing or lazy.

This will contaminate the peanut oil in your fryolator if you put it in there. It may catch fire in the pizza oven. It may also catch fire on the burger or pizza conveyor, so take heed. Microwaving it will make it taste like microwaved bacon, & it won’t get cooked enough in the bun toaster, but it does work, ok in the toaster oven at around 360°F.

Ready to stack in a container or put on your meal. Note: cooking will (kinda) fuse them together. At least enough to flip on a sandwich & hold together. If stacking in fridge, reheat before serving, if you want warm bacon.


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